Have your ever struggled? I want to share something with you…

I haven’t posted a blog post since December 2014.  My excuse? I didn’t have time. The number one excuse of 98% of people. But that’s not my excuse because I know how to make time. The truth of why I haven’t posted lately is because I did not have the motivation […]

7 tips to keep you productive to reach your goals

7 tips to keep you productive to reach goals Reaching goals can sometimes become a difficult task. Most of us know the big picture the end result. But we don’t know how to get there. We know how to start but not how to finish. What most of us don’t realize is […]

How to get things done and still have time to play.

Get things done, achieve great things and still have time to play.   Is it really possible to achieve great things, get things done and have time to play? The answer is yes. But how? We have so many reasons as to why we are to busy to have fun. […]

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