Confidence and why you need it!

Confidence is  one of the most important self sustaining life skills that a person needs to get through life and to achieve what they were put here on this planet to do…


We are all put here for a reason. But it takes confidence to find that purpose. Why would I say it takes confidence to find your life’s purpose? First let me tell you what I feel is a good definition of confidence.

Confidence is a feeling you have that drives bold actions towards things you want. It is having some faith in yourself that when you speak up, people will listen, and when you go for something, you’ll get it. It’s trusting yourself and knowing you can overcome obstacles.

If you don’t have faith in yourself, if you don’t have a strong desire or feeling to drive yourself towards the things you want, then you will not have the confidence or motivation needed to find your life’s passion.

How do we start developing and losing confidence?


Have you ever seen a child build a toy building out of blocks? To a child the building of this toy building is all fun and games and they have a blast doing it. It helps develop their creativity and their confidence. It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures to watch a child at play, it is amazing to watch little minds develop and to watch them  develop confidence. So if we spend so much time playing as children and developing our creativity and confidence. Then why is it that for about 80% of us we lose that confidence as we get older?

Well when we built the building it fell down eventually. So, some of us tried again and rebuilt the toy building, we never gave up. We learned how to build the foundation. We had an obstacle and we overcame it. This helped us to build more confidence.

For the rest of us, we gave up. We got frustrated. We could only see the failure and the roadblock in front of us, and we figured it took to much effort to go around that roadblock. So we slowly learned that it was easier to give up than to solve the problem. What this did what develop fear of failure, and it took away our confidence. It took away the feeling to drive yourself towards bold actions. These roadblocks took away your trust to believe in yourself. It became easier for us to do nothing and feel comfortable not trying rather than to fail. So we lost our confidence in our abilities one roadblock at a time.

There’s good news though… and the good news is we can gain our confidence back and how is that?

To gain confidence you need to develop a  solid foundation…


How can you develop a solid foundation?

We can develop a solid foundation the same way we lost our confidence. We take it back one road block at a time.

In any story about confidence there is a common theme: Confidence comes from clearing roadblocks.. That’s always how it is. You can prepare to clear the roadblocks if you see them ahead, or you can scout for alternate routes, or you can have great reflexes so that you’re able to adopt on the fly. But at the end of the day, true confidence comes from getting past the obstacles and getting closer to your goals.

Becoming confident ultimately requires that you become successful with doing, with taking action. There’s no shortcut or do-it-quick way that can compete with real experience and real success.

In life we need to prepare, we need knowledge.  We need to do. Nothing is as important as doing. Once you do it after you learn it, you become a new person. It’s like the hero’s journey… You have a call to adventure, you are in your comfort zone –the known, you know that by taking on the call to adventure you can reach your life’s purpose. But it’s going to take confidence and courage to go into the unknown. You will need to step outside your comfort zone. But when you do. you will become a new person and what you were afraid of will become so easy. You will develop experience and you will have gone around, over or though that road block. You will have developed more confidence.

a heros journey


Gaining confidence is Learning and Doing. It the ability to know “you got this” it’s believing in yourself. Doing one thing at a time.

Look—- to achieve your life passion and your life meaning will not be easy. It will take time. It will take effort. It will take you feeling uncomfortable. It will take you being outside your comfort zone and stretching yourself. It will  take you not making excuses. You will need to take massive action. You will need to overcome big roadblocks. You will need to gain more and more confidence every day by doing.

But you know what?? You can you do it… You Got This!!!



confidence believe in yourself


7 thoughts on “Confidence and why you need it!

  1. You definetely said it like it really is. One of my biggest problems in the past was that I didn’t act on things out of fear. The fear caused lack of confidence in actually reaching to where I wanted to reach. I started changing my behaviour and acting upon what I wanted… and what do you know, as you learn, experience and grow… confidence builds up!

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